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Met Vet is lucky enough to feature two of our most famous (and sweet) patients for the month of February.  Annie and Augie are rescue dogs. Though they look like littermates, they came from two very different places. As you can see, they were meant to be together.  Annie was a victim of Hurricane Katrina and had 5 homes before she was adopted by her mom, Gail. She is about 5 years old and has acted on ‘Law and Order’ and on the pilot episode of Glenn Close’s ‘Damages’.  She was also the covergirl on the Calendar for Katrina Dog Victims. Augie is 3 years old and comes all the way from Puerto Rico. He has modeled in Cosmopolitan Magazine. Annie and Augie are best friends and great companions. They stay very active by doing many things including agility classes. Their mom calls them her best friends whom she loves dearly.

Thanks to Gail, Annie and Augie for allowing your family to be part of ours!

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February Pet of the Month-Annie and Augie — 2 Comments

  1. you are the best and i am glad Annie and Augie have you in their lives and me too..Gail Bond

    thanks for everything!

  2. ok, how can the next pet of the month follow an actress and a supermodel?? sheesh! i have a barker and a whiner, doesn’t really compare ( or does it?!) ..but they’re cute!