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I adopted Jack from ACC in mid-March, because the adoption tech was confident I’d be a good match for a cat she’d been holding eight days for the right fit: she said he needed a human who would be around a lot, as Jack is unusually social and unguarded for a cat.  (Everyone tends to say, especially Cary, that he’s like a dog in a cat’s body!)  Since I’m a psychotherapist who practices out of his home, we do spend most of the day together–he sometimes curls up on my lap in sessions, as his predecessors have done, but he doesn’t usually stay long because he loves greeting people: escorting them in and out of sessions, sleeping on their coats or bags, entertaining them by whickering avidly at the pigeons roosting at the church next door.  “I don’t usually like cats,” one says, “but Jack is a delight.”

– Keith Sabin


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