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photo 2Meiga was three when she packed her things and moved in with us, and she is my first cat. I had wanted one since I was a four-year-old child, but first my parents, and then my spouse, did not share my longing. Meiga (formerly known as Lucy) was being rehomed because her humans were having a baby and felt they couldn’t care for a cat, too. The night they brought her to me, she cowered in her new room while her humans bid her farewell. Crystal cried and told her to be good, and Dan quietly said to me, “take good care of her.”
Sitting with Meiga in the darkened room, comforting her, I felt the instant lovesmack that happens a few times in life, if we’re lucky. During my “caternity leave” from work, I stayed as close by as she’d let me, learning her routines and rhythms. Four years later my heart still beats faster when I near the door, knowing she is waiting on the other side.
MeigaMeiga changed my life with those mesmerizing green eyes. Even though Dr. Nulton says she could lose a few ounces (ok, a pound or two!), I think she’s the perfect supermodel cat, and I’m glad she’s in such good care with Dr. Nulton and with my husband and me!photo 1


Rosemary Feal
New York


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