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Zoe is honored to be the MetVet Pet of the Month, but she’s been the pet of a lifetime for me. More than nineteen years ago, the then little three-month old kitten stuck her paws through the bars of her cage at the animal shelter and taped me on the shoulder. Then Zoe purred on my arm as soon as she was taken out of the cage. The rest, as they say, is hisstory.

Zoe is small in body but enormous in personality. She is sunshine covered in fur. Her purr can go on for an hour at a time. She is tolerant and forgiving. She is obviously exquisite. Yes, words cannot adequately describe the many charms of this beautiful, joyful girl who has graced my home and heart for nearly two decades.

Zoe thanks Dr. Nulton and Joanna for helping keep her in great shape so she can keep playing and purring, enjoying her patches of sunshine, and putting up with–without one wrinkled whisker–profuse, prolonged, and profound adoration.

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August Pet of the Month – Zoe — 2 Comments

  1. Zoe is turning 20? She doesn’t look a day over say …. 12. What a wonderful blessing she has been to you and a lucky little princess to have been a memember of your family for allthese years. Tiara?