Here are a few handy links to various pet-related sites. From animal emergency hospitals to a list of parks with dog runs in New York City, these links will help you find the sources you need with ease.

ANIMAL EMERGENCY HOSPITALS NYC: These are all reputable hospitals with unique strengths. In a true emergency, the one closest to you is best!

PET POISON CONTROL NYC: This site is a must-visit to learn how to keep your pet safe and what to do in an emergency.

PET ACTIVITIES AND RESOURCES NYC: I work closely with the Mayor’s Alliance.  Find me on their web site!


PET TRANSPORTATION IN NYC: Great for those of you with big dogs when they must get to a hospital!

PET INSURANCE: For general information about choosing Pet Insurance visit

PET FOOD DELIVERY: This site could come in handy if I need to recommend a special food.

PET DIETS: Want to cook for your pet?  Consult me first, but these sites can help.

PET DENTAL CARE: Learn about dental disease and which products really work!

PET WELLNESS: Are you a “googler”? Stick to these sites, and you’ll get the straight scoop

PET MICROCHIPPING: My pets are all microchipped, ARE YOURS?  Don’t let them leave home without one!

PET TRAVEL TIPS: Always plan ahead!

PET PUBLICATIONS: Check these out!

MUSIC FOR YOUR PET: Calm your pet with soothing classical music that was specially arranged for them (and you) to enjoy.

PET BREED REFERENCE: Learn more about different dog and cat breeds BEFORE you consider a new addition to your family.