Veterinary house calls offer many benefits for your pets. Both dogs and cats are territorial animals and they can be easily stressed when they are moved to a new or unfamiliar environment—especially in crowded Manhattan. MetVetNYC specializes in in-home treatment for pets, performing many standard examination procedures including physical exams, blood tests, vaccinations, urine and fecal tests and much more.
The advantages of veterinary house calls are many.

  • HEALTH A trip to the vet may be too stressful for a sick or high-strung animal, and may aggravate their symptoms.
  • CONVENIENCE Transportation to and from the vet with a pet can be    particularly difficult in Manhattan.
  • PET COMFORT Even for healthy pets, in-home treatment can be more comfortable and cause much less anxiety and stress.

What We Do
We offer an extensive variety of services in home, including:

  • Acupuncture and TCVM
  • Physical Examinations
  • Vaccinations
  • Blood,Urine and Fecal Tests
  • Fluid Therapy
  • Medication Dispensing
  • Identification of Lesions
  • Wellness Recommendations

For a complete list of the in-home services MetVet offers, click here.

What We Don’t Do
MetVetNYC does not perform any procedure in your home which requires anesthesia. For safety concerns, anesthesia is best administered in a clinical, hospital setting, which we can arrange for you.

Serious emergencies (trouble breathing, collapse, excessive bleeding, seizures) are also not candidates for a home visit. If your dog or cat is critically ill, immediately take it to one of the 24-hour emergency/referral facilities listed below. Let them know that Dr. Nulton is your regular vet so that she can be in touch with your pet’s admitting doctor.

NYC Veterinary Specialists
410 West 55th St.
NY, NY 10019

The Animal Medical Center
510 East 62nd St.
NY, NY 10065