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Maddie in the GrassLittle Maddie, (aka, Maddie Moo and fast becoming Moo Moo Bear) is a life changer. She and her three beautiful kittens were rooftop rescues in Brooklyn in February. The American Street Cat found shelter for Maddie and her family at a wonderful foster home in Park Slope, which is where we met. Two of Maddie’s kittens had already been spoken for, but Maddie and Wesley were still seeking a home. We were hoping to find two perfect kitties and we hit the jackpot. Maddie and Westley now live with us in Sunnyside and have changed our house into a home.

Maddie Moo is a proud and protective mother, she keeps a close eye on Westley as he tests the limits of his new home, reprimanding him when he goes too far. Early on, Maddie surprised us with her beautiful voice. She is very vocal and loves to sing at night in a warbly sing song style. During the day she coos at us softly when she has something to say.

Maddie’s perfect day: Eat a hearty breakfast. Sit on the window sill and give laser eyes to birds perched on the fire escape. Corral Sarah or Scott into playing with her favorite toy. Horse around with Westley and gallop up and down the apartment. Lunch. Nap on her bed of wheat grass, getting up only to play or nibble at some food. Dinner, more play and then settle down for the night.

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