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Frajola-1She says:

What to say about my cat? It’s 11 years of pure love and I think I could write a book just with the many names and nicknames that we gave him…

When we start to live together in 2006, I was always complaining about my cat Frajola because he was destroying the toilet paper, paper towel, everything that we left on the table like documents, letters, bills, mugs, cups and charging cords, he also learned how to open doors and drawers to get things out of it, nothing was safe. That was making me crazy, I never had a pet before him and I never knew about all the “destruction” that kittens could cause in a house.

Frajola3Then one day my mother came to our house and I told her all the things that was happening and how that was making me feel and she explained to me that the cat was “just doing his job” and finally something made sense.

Just like people have their lives and jobs, pets have that too but in a different way. They have to do things everyday to spend all the energy that they have and they are their own boss and my cat was doing a great work!

My mother always loved my cat and she thinks that he is the cutest and smartest cat in the World! I totally agree with her! The she also calls him Brad Pitt, because according to her pets must have a name and last name.

We passed for many things together and our bond is stronger now and I believe that  there are no greater love than the one that we feel for my cat.

He says:

Its my cat, not hers… Also, he was named after Silvester, the cat from the cartoon… Frajola is how we call silvester in Brazil… Also, he went through surgery back in 2008 due to swallowing a lot of sewing thread… I had to go to the vet almost everyday to hold him while they changed his food and cleaned the cage… He wouldnt let anyone else get close to him other than me…
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