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BooBoo is exiting kittenhood, turning One on June 29th!  On Thanksgiving weekend we met Boo at North Shore Animal League, where the vet tech called her “ridiculously sweet.”  And he was right.

Boo comes to everyone when asked.  She engages, yet still takes personal time.  She goes to sleep with my daughter at 7pm, then moves to our bed when we settle in.  She’s learned where all her cozy spots are, yet instinctively knows how good she looks lounging next to our flat screen tv.  Black on black is her thing.

Boo knows how to treat my 6 year old.  When our daughter picks her up, Boo goes limp, allowing Lili to maneuver her however she pleases.  Lili rides Boo around in her doll stroller and her home-made American Girl cardboard/duck tape automobile.  Boo will not move a muscle until the ride is done.

Boo on filesBoo, however,  maintains her self-respect.  She likes to attack our feet under the covers, with gentle bites, seeming playing at being feral.  She has her opinions, and will often enter into a discussion or argument with me about wheat needs to be done during mealtime.  Here, pictured, is Boo convincing me she, indeed, does belong on top of my files.

Thank you Boo, for making our family even more entertaining, and complete.

-Boo’s Family

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