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Big News!

Dr. Nulton is enrolled at the Chi Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) on the path to offer integrative medicine by the summer of 2016.  Eastern medicine complements Western medicine beautifully, and the benefits are becoming more widely recognized as modernization of ancient wisdom takes place.  We now have methods and technologies to scientifically provide the evidence that acupuncture can have a profound effect on healing.

How do Eastern and Western medicine compare?

Eastern medicine relies on empirical observations over thousands of years, while Western medicine uses scientific method (about 300 years old) and case-based medicine (about 20-30 years old).

Eastern is more like the art of medicine, whereas Western is the technology of medicine.

Eastern medicine takes a holistic view, whereas Western medicine takes more of a molecular and organ view.

Eastern medicine employs circular logic, whereas Western medicine is more linear.

Eastern medicine is energetic, whereas Western medicine is mechanistic.  Think of Eastern as “Einsteinian”, where energy and matter are equal- if we change energy we change structure.  In Western medicine we direct a specific treatment against a specific pathogen or disease (more “Newtonian”).

Stay tuned in the months ahead!  We are very excited to be expanding our services!

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