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"Groucho at Nap Time"

Groucho Marx wears the tuxedo of his namesake, but otherwise is known for being a “big hunk o’ lovin’.”

He was adopted Columbus Day weekend in 2009 from Bidawee, when the Jakobsen & Randall family was looking for a new cat that was comfortable with their then three-year-old daughter Rebecca. Groucho promptly came up and licked her on the face, showing off his sweet and affectionate nature.


As you can see from the photo, they are true pals.

Groucho was rescued from a hoarder, and was originally thought to be feral (see the clipped left ear), but is very social with people, greeting every new visitor warmly, and seems to enjoy ruling the roost as the sole feline occupant.

He’s about five years old now, and enjoys chasing pipe cleaners and stealing a sip of milk from Rebecca’s cup when he can. He also likes to nest in the sweaters, so child-protective locks had to be installed on the dresser – though he will still attempt to open the drawer and is often caught hanging off of the handle with both front paws trying to break in. He deeply dislikes the vacuum cleaner and the cat carrier – so he is very happy his cat sitter Helen Adler suggested Dr. Nulton to come right to his house!

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